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Our Mission

We believe that decentralization is the future of financial markets. It is our vision to provide users with the open source building blocks needed to implement the most innovative financial primitives -- without censorship, with full-transparency, and without big banks


Our Vision

Digital markets are built on the ideas of transparency, security, and peer-to-peer collaboration. Yet, many of the open source financial building blocks remain exclusive to large investment firms and banks that (more often than not) restrict access for the everyday investors.

Sorrentum provides the most innovative financial primitives and a framework  for describing, simulating, and deploying financial machine learning models so that you can build your own product for the masses. The only limitation is your own imagination.

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Experienced Leadership

Exceptional Quality

Our team members hold advanced degrees in quantitative disciplines and have worked in top companies in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street.

Working alongside twenty full-time developers, Sorrentum leverages this expertise and experience with advanced machine learning in traditional markets to level the playing field in decentralized finance.

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